Homemade Project Lands Fresno Resident in Jail

Homemade Project Lands Fresno Resident in Jail

Fresno CA – Just before midnight on September 30th,  ShotSpotter, a system which uses acoustic sensors to detect gunfire and alert police to the location, alerted the police of the approximate location of a shot fired.

The notification allowed police to arrive at the scene of a shooting on Kern Street and Highway 99 within one minute of shots being fired.  Officers investigating the reported shot fired were able to locate the person responsible for the shooting, area resident, Juan Romo-Bais.

While speaking with the 40-year old, police observed several zip guns within arm’s reach of Romo-Bais. They detained him and searched his property. The search uncovered six homemade zip guns, which are generally crude homemade firearms.

Five of the guns were rigged to shoot .22 caliber ammunition, and one to shoot 12-gauge shotgun ammunition.

Romo-Bais took responsibility for fabricating and owning the guns, and was booked into Fresno County Jail under several gun charges.

According to police 70% of the shots detected by ShotSpotter go unreported by residents.

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