At Least He Told The Truth

At Least He Told The Truth
Photo: Manuel Torres

GRASSFIELD – At least he told the truth.  Patrolling deputies as a speeding car go by on Friday night. Laos, the car “cut corners and failed to use a turn signal.”


Torres’ gun

Deputies stopped the car and spoke with the driver. 30-year-old Manuel Torres had several magazines in the back seat. The deputies asked Torres if he had a gun in the car and he replied that he did.

He added that it was “on the floor behind his seat.”

Then the deputies searched the car and found the hand gun with a 7-round magazine. 1 round was in the chamber.


In addition, Torres “also had a fixed blade K-Bar knife under his seat.”

Torres charges are possession of a concealed firearm and possession of a dirk or dagger.


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