He Wanted to Go Out With a Bang!

Police Recovered 1800 Pounds of Fireworks

SALINAS—Agents with the Department of Justice in cooperation with officers from the Salinas Police Department, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol arrested 33-year-old Salinas resident Daniel Escatel Alcocer for selling fireworks on Facebook.

On Saturday, June 14 the agents received information that an individual was selling a large quantities of fireworks.  As the investigation developed agents made contact with Alcocer through his Facebook page in which he advertised the fireworks for sale.

Undercover agents made an arrangement with Alcocer to purchase the some fireworks.  Agents were directed to his home on the 100 block of Towt Street in East Salinas to complete the sale. Once the Undercover agents arrived, Alcocer took them to a large shed in the back of his house where he had the fireworks displayed.  After Agents made the sale they arrested Alcocer without incident.

Alcocer had a lot to offer his customers

Alcocer had a lot to offer his customers

Members of the Salinas Fire Department were called into help with the fireworks disposal. An inventory of the fireworks revealed that they consisted of small explosive devices and some aerial fireworks.

The fireworks were valued at $20,000.00 based on a price list that Alcocer posted on his Facebook page. The fireworks weighted approximately 1800 pounds, making the possession of them a felony.

“We received an anonymous tip that this was occurring on Facebook.” Salinas Police Department Spokesperson Spencer Critchley said, “There was no commercial grade fireworks in the large assortment.”

Alcocer was arrested and booked into the Monterey County Jail on several misdemeanors and felony charges stemming from the possession and sale of the fireworks.

Just in case you are planning to fire off projectile fireworks for the 4th of July, the Salinas Police would like you to know that they are planning extra patrols on that night, especially in the East Salinas neighborhood.  If a person gets caught with illegal fireworks it could result in a fine exceeding $1000.00.

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