K-9 Assists in Fentanyl and Weapons Arrest

K-9 Assists in Fentanyl and Weapons Arrest
K-9 Oakley
Photos: (Cover) Evidence Collected, (In Story) K-9 Oakley
Originally Published By: Salinas Police Department Facebook Page:

“Well well well the silly bad guys continue to think they can pull one over on @sniffer_oakley, but that 👃 just keeps on winning!!!

Officers from VSTF stopped a vehicle for CVC violations at the corner of N Main St and Rossi. The front passenger, Jekiah Price (20), however tried to play it cool and slowly walk towards the liquor store as if the flashing blue/ red lights and siren meant nothing to him. After saying he was just going to go inside instead of stay at the traffic stop, he finally got the hint from the Officers and got back into the vehicle. However, as he did he took off his satchel he was wearing and placed it at his feet partially under the seat.

With the Officers spidey senses going wild K9 Oakley was called in to conduct a sniff of the vehicle. Oakley alerted and Officers located a loaded unregistered .45 long colt revolver, over 500 fentanyl pills, and cash in the satchel.

Price was lodged on numerous weapons/ drug charges and give time to think about his bad decisions at Monterey County Jail.”


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