Monterey Sheriff’s Office Arrests Sexual Assault Suspect

Monterey Sheriff’s Office Arrests Sexual Assault Suspect
Photo: File photo of Jesus Uribe |  Courtesy of Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

December 19th, 2022 –  A truck driver, who was parked taking a break, called 911 to report a injured female. Emergency personnel arrived and the female was transported to Natividad Medical Center for Treatment. Staff from the Medical Center reported to Sheriff’s that the woman had been the victim of a serious sexual assault that caused serious injury requiring surgery.

Deputies worked the scene of the call to collect any evidence that may have been left behind by the suspect.

On December 20th Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division took control of the investigation.

During the following days Detectives collected evidence from the scene, collected nearby surveillance videos and served multiple search warrants. This hard work led them to the identity of the suspect, Jesus Uribe of Gonzalez.

Uribe is being held at the Monterey County Jail where he faces charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, intent to commit rape, and other unlisted charges. His bail has been set at $1,350,000.

If anyone has any information about this crime that happened on 12/19/2022 between 5-8 pm or has any information regarding Jesus Uribe please call Detective Christian Zarate at (831) 755-3809 or Detective Sergeant David Vargas at (831)755-3771.


Written By: Patrice Spears
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