Police: Citizens Identify Package Thief via CCTV Images

Police: Citizens Identify Package Thief via CCTV Images

Jennifer Padgett booking photo

SALINAS — On April Fool’s Day, police released CCTV images captured at a residence on West Acacia Street in an effort to identify a package thief. Within the hour, they had their culprit.

Events unfolded after a citizen reported a package theft from the doorstep of their home, and that a surveillance camera had captured images of said suspect. Police posted the images on their website and, within an hour, the suspect was identified as 38-year-old local Jennifer Padgett.

Surveillance image of suspect

Surveillance image of suspect

Meanwhile, an officer noticed a truck that matched the description given following the theft. The officer followed and made contact with Padgett at a gas station on John  Street, only to discover that she was in the company of known parolee Billy Davis (27).

A search of the truck revealed not only property from the Acacia Street theft but small amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, and drug paraphernalia.

Another victim positively identified Padgett as the culprit in surveillance images captured during a package theft on Easter Sunday. Another victim in that case even phoned in from out of town.

Both Padgett and Davis were booked into Monterey County Jail on charges of theft, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, and drug charges.

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