Investigation Unveils an Acre of Poppies

Investigation Unveils an Acre of Poppies
Photo: Authorities destroy opium field

MOSS LANDING – An MCSO investigation concerning a possible poppy field in the 500 block of Dolan Road confirmed the existence of an acre of Papaver Somniferum (opium poppies).

Over the weekend authorities destroyed an acre of poppy plants, which translated into 27,000 plants as well as 16,500 harvested plants.


poppy field 

The MCSO reports that “the straws from the harvested plants can still be used to produce various types of illicit opiate products.”

Here’s a breakdown of the haul – this acre typically yields 13 pounds of raw opium, then converted into heroin.  The conversion would then result in a pound and a half of heroin with a street value of $45,000.  An acre such as the one that the MCSO discovered can yield up to three harvests a year.

As of press time, no arrests have been announce din this case.

We thank the MCSO for doing their part to fight the opioid epidemic that our communities, and our country, currently faces.

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