Police Conduct Traffic Awareness Sting in Salinas

Police Conduct Traffic Awareness Sting in Salinas

SALINAS — With the new school year under way, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is participating in a new campaign on the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings when driving or walking. This August, with the help of a grant received by the NHTSA, a pedestrian sting was conducted which netted 47 citations and even one arrest.

On a Friday evening, seven officers from the Salinas Police Department conducted a sting operation at two busy intersections — one at Natividad & Sorrentini, the other at North Main & Chaparral. The two intersections were chosen specifically because of their history of traffic-related injuries and fatalities at or near the crosswalks.

Plainclothes officers were assigned to walk back and forth across the crosswalks wearing bright orange shirts and using light controls. Uniformed officers on motorcycles were on standby to monitor whether or not vehicles were abiding by pedestrians’ right of way. Several instances saw motorists ignoring the right of way, resulting in the issue of several citations.

Salinas Police Sergeant Gary Ross spoke candidly that crossing the street was “actually a bit frightening at times.”

“There were a few times that cars zoomed by me within three to five feet, traveling at least 45 to 55 miles per hour,” he continued. “Hopefully [this operation] will teach drivers to slow down for pedestrians.”

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