Explosive Device Found on Greenfield Man

It certainly seemed as if Devon Henriquez Pajas, 20-years-old, of Greenfield, was up to no good after police said they found a medium sized pill container filled with gunpowder, nails and a fuse in his possession.

800 Block of Apple Avenue

Pajas was arrested on the 800 block of Apple Avenue around 1:15 early Saturday morning, according to the police report.

Greenfield police chief Eric Sills said Pajas was known to the Greenfield Police Department because he had a record of being busted for possession of a dangerous weapon.

Pajas was on his bicycle when police stopped him and got consent to search his backpack where they also found a controlled substance and narcotics paraphernalia.
Pajas was arrested on six felony charges including commission of a felony while on bail.  “I am glad we were able to get him off the streets,” said Chief Sills.

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