Deputies Discover Illegal Assault Weapon in DUI Chase

Deputies Discover Illegal Assault Weapon in DUI Chase
Photo: Bertin Diaz Pulido

Santa Barbara County – A DUI chase ended up in a confiscation of an illegal assault weapon.

On June 28th, a 911 Emergency call reported a fight breaking out on the premises of a Buellton motel.  Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene late that night.

An “intoxicated” man hopped into his car and sped away just before the cops showed up.

Additional witnesses at the scene gave a detailed description of the suspect and his pickup truck.  Cops promptly identified Lompoc resident Bertin Diaz Pulido as their man.


Pulido’s weapons

Then deputies tracked Pulido, who “has had several recent aggressive encounters with law enforcement,”  on the route leading from the motel scene to his residence.

When deputies arrived at Pulido’s residence, they identified the vehicle previously described by witnesses. This was the vehicle that “immediately sped away up the long driveway into a ranch.” Deputies gave chase as the pickup truck ultimately careened off the dirt road and came to a stop.

Pulido then alighted from the truck and challenged the deputies, “refusing to obey their instructions.”   Several minutes later, he finally agreed to comply, as deputies detained him.

Once he was in custody, deputies conducted a search of his truck and discovered an illegal AK-47 assault rifle. In addition, they found two loaded magazines, along with additional ammunition.

Based on that evidence, deputies arrested Pulido and transported him to Santa Barbara County Jail.  His charges are transporting an assault rifle, DUI, challenging to a fight, and resisting arrest.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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