Suspect “Goes Postal” on Postal Truck Tires

Suspect “Goes Postal” on Postal Truck Tires

Santa Barbara County – It can be frustrating when waiting to receive something in the mail that doesn’t arrive when we expect/want/need it.  The fact is, most of us simply take a deep breath, take into consideration the complex logistical realities of getting a piece of mail from one specific place to another even more specific place within a specified—if not always guaranteed—period of time.  We know that there are real world reasons why the mail can be late, and most of us just accept them as part of life.

Most of us.

But not, apparently, Dakota Serge, 23, of Solvang, the tourist destination known as “Danish Town” just north of the City of Santa Barbara.  It was just after midnight on February 26th when Serge was spotted by a passerby who called 911 Emergency to report “seeing a man slashing tires” in a Solvang commercial area parking lot, according to Kelly Hoover, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer.

Responding deputies quickly located Serge, who was hunkered down in the dark near a car whose tires had obviously been slashed.  Pursuant to his contact with deputies, investigation on the scene revealed nearly a dozen vehicles with flat tires, all with cut mark-slashes in their sidewalls.  Apparently some sense of efficiency had been applied to the destructive task, as a total of 35 tires on those vehicles were destroyed, including 22 tires of six U.S. Postal Service trucks.

Further investigation of Serge’s person revealed that he was in possession of “an American flag, three Danish flags, and a California flag, apparently stolen,” Hoover reported.  Each of those flags was determined to have been forcefully cut down from local area businesses.

Serge was taken into custody without incident, and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of felony vandalism, petty theft, and public intoxication.  Additional charges are pending with the U.S. Postal Service.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department

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