UPDATE: Seaside Police Catch Second Robbery Suspect

UPDATE: Seaside Police Catch Second Robbery Suspect

Jose Zeledon booking photo

SEASIDE — Police have arrested Jose Zeledon after he was spotted riding his bike on Fremont Boulevard (previous story here).

On August 3, an animal control officer from the Seaside Police Department happened to be in the area of Fremont Boulevard and Trinity Avenue when she noticed a familiar face riding a bicycle through the area — and recognized him as the second suspect sought in connection to a string of recent robberies.

Police were notified immediately, and detectives from Seaside Police and the Peninsula Regional Violence Narcotics Team moved in to pursue Zeledon, who ditched the bike and attempted to flee on foot after seeing officers approaching.

Officers eventually cornered him and took him into custody, though he didn’t go without a fight, forcing officers to deploy a taser before finally managing to cuff him.

Though Zeledon continued to struggle, officers were able to use a WRAP system to take him into custody without harm coming to him or anyone else. Once he was finally restrained, he was taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Once cleared, he was transported to the police department for booking on five counts of armed robbery, along with felony warrants (one for $250 and the other $25,000) out of Tulare County. He is housed at Monterey County Jail.

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