CHP: Chop Shop Discovered in North Salinas

CHP: Chop Shop Discovered in North Salinas

Entrance at 19830 Wild Horse Court, North Salinas | Google Maps

NORTH SALINAS — The California Highway Patrol has arrested a couple on charges of conspiracy to commit auto theft, operating a chop shop, possession of stolen vehicles, possession of stolen property, and possession of burglary tools.

The arrest follows the discovery last Wednesday of an illegal chop shop on the property the two were renting.

On that day at about 4:30 AM, a man started his work vehicle and left it running while he went back inside to say goodbye to his children. When he heard the vehicle drive off, he ran outside just in time to see it driving down the road. He then got into his personal car and followed.

He then noticed something suspect: the truck was also being followed by a silver Honda.

The man followed the two vehicles until they turned left onto Wild Horse Road, at which point he pulled over to call 9-1-1 and wait for police.

While waiting, he saw the Honda drive back down the road and turn right onto Crazy Horse Canyon Road towards Highway 101. He decided to follow it and take down the plate number, but decided against pursuing it onto the freeway and instead drove back to Crazy Horse Canyon to continue waiting for police.

At about 5 AM, CHP officers arrived.

They contacted the victim and drove down the road to investigate. They noticed his stolen truck on the property of 19830 Wild Horse Court and tried to run a records check on the license plate, but it didn’t match.

Further down, officers discovered a two-toned Chevy S10 that matched the description of another vehicle the victim had seen while waiting. A records check of that vehicle found it to be stolen.

Based on information given by the victim, as well as the suspicious nature of the plates and having discovered the Chevy to be stolen, officers believed they had discovered a vehicle theft ring.

They then contacted MADCAT  (Multi-Agency Detail for Commercial Auto Theft) and SCARE (Santa Cruz Auto-Theft Reduction and Enforcement), who arrived and took over the investigation, ultimately arrested the owners of the property, Jesus Jesse Perez and Betssi Sandoval.

At the time of the arrest, the couple had over 30 vehicles on the property and numerous parts, engines, and trailers. Authorities believe there will be additional arrests as the investigation unfolds.

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