47 Arrested in Operation Snake Eyes

Monterey- The collaboration of over 300 agents from the Monterey County Joint Gang Task Force (GTF) in Monterey County as well as help from the Northern California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, the California Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, the GTF was able to arrest 47 suspects including some members of the Neustra Familia Gang, a top conduit for the Salinas Gang operation. The suspects are now behind bars, minus eight individuals out on bail and technicalities.

Of the 47 arrested, three of the suspects, Daniel Sanchez (25), Daniel Magdaleno (27), and Alexander Padilla (27), were believed to have been planning a possible jail break. After resisting officer’s arrest with an AK 47 and a shotgun, the men were later arrested and taken into custody.

Originally, the six month operation started as a drug and gang crackdown but later became a sweep of the Monterey County District. It began after drug dealers were targeted in Chinatown, and then quickly spread throughout Monterey County over the past several months.

The operation was acted out last Thursday. 20 search warrants were served and 25 arrests were made, including 22 that were made prior to the operation. Of the 20 search warrants, 15 were located in Salinas. Along with an estimated $69,000 cash, various firearms, drugs and vehicles were taken by officers.

The charges against the suspects include Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics, Firearms Possession, Extortion, Attempted Robbery, and Attempted Murder on a Peace Officer. A majority of the suspects will be charged with Gang Enhancements, seeing that many of them committed crimes at the direction, or for the benefit of a street gang. There are also federal charges pending against some suspects.

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