Stabbing in Santa Rosa between homeless men

Stabbing in Santa Rosa between homeless men

It was Monday afternoon, Memorial Day, when Santa Rosa police received a call reporting a man had just been stabbed. Officers and emergency medical personnel responded to the corner of Dutton Avenue and West Third Street, which is about a block from the Highway 12 on-ramp, and the site of Westside Plaza, where Dave’s Market and other shops are located.

According to the Santa Rosa Police, they found 50-year-old Joe Bob Liles Jr. severely injured with a stab wound to his chest. After initial treatment at the scene, he was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with what were determined to be life threatening injuries.

Liles is homeless, and has been located in the Santa Rosa area for at least 5 years. He has an arrest record going back at least that far, and he has made use of the Catholic Charities Homeless Service Center, at least to collect mail at the 600 Morgan Street address. Records show that Liles was arrested in 2009 for domestic violence charges, of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or co-habitant. He has since been arrested a few more times over the years, mostly for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or parole violations. His most recent arrest was the Monday prior to this incident, on May 18, again for being under the influence.

The assailant left the scene down Hull Street, headed towards Santa Rosa Creek.

The assailant left the scene down Hull Street, headed towards Santa Rosa Creek.

Witnesses at the scene of the stabbing reported the assailant, a 48-year-old man, came out of the market and then argued with Liles out on the street. During the confrontation he stabbed him and then walked away, over to Hull Street, a residential lane just north of the intersection and which leads toward Santa Rosa Creek. The Police dispatch broadcasted a report of the wanted and dangerous man over their radio, and a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sergeant on patrol in the area responded. Witnesses told him that the suspect had jumped the fence at the end of Hull, and gone onto the Santa Rosa Creek Trail.

The Sergeant located him, but the man fled east down the trail. It didn’t take long, however, before the Sergeant caught up and detained him. He was identified as Wade Temple, also known to be homeless from the Santa Rosa area, but who had also lived in Rohnert Park in recent years. Temple has a history of sometimes violent offenses. Arrest records show a 2009 charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, along with driving on a suspended license, which was followed in 2010 with an arrest for possession of a concealed dirk or dagger. And in 2011 he was charged with burglary and assault likely to cause great bodily injury. He served time in jail for that offense.

What Temple purports to be the Dalai Lama's walking stick, as posted on his Google+ account.

What Temple purports to be the Dalai Lama’s walking stick, as posted on his Google+ account.

But Temple also has an extensive on-line presence. Known sometimes as “AliasT” or “Alias Temple” he has posted stories and comments regarding conspiracy theories revolving around the Illuminati, and the kidnapping and even murder or the next Dalai Lama, whom he identifies as Gendhun Choeki Nyima. In a report he posted on the website, he has outlined a theory of the next Dalai Lama being held in a tunnel below a house in Petaluma, along with an extensive collection of drugs, money, and other kidnapping victims. He also states that local police, along with other authorities and “Secret Police Nazi Double Agents” are involved in the human trafficking and racketeering operation.

A more personal story, which he also posted at, may reveal more about his own life as a homeless person. The story, titled Dial A Dream, reads in part:

“Bieng homeless can be difficult for some people.In this situation a man seperated from his family because of divorce has found himself lonely without his two daughters and a woman he used to love.Having always wanted a son and and hopefully another daughter or two a middle aged man by the name of Alias Temple sets out on the gratest adventure with the chosen few.An adventure of conquest never before dreamed of.To chage the hands of time forever.

An innocent man having spent three years in prison from another relationship afterwards that turned sour because of mistrust and a sluth of lies.Alias releaced from the confines of steel bars found himself inside a homeless mission.Not a pretty sight.The all male sleeping quarters in the chapel where twenty men lay there mats nightly is a grueling experiance.Clothes tattered and shoes worn with battared feet Alias feels so out of place with a new laptop given to him as a gift from his mother and step father.”

In one of his many comments posted to YouTube videos from his Google+ account, on May 15 he writes “First let me say that we have FOUR DAYS LEFT TO LIVE.I am the last Templar. My name is Wade Pound Temple.  Read my posts on deviantart.comuser name aliast. I do not have to explain any thing more accept THAT I LOVE EVERYONE accept THE GOD DAMN NAZI’S!!!!!!!!!I hate nazi’s I always have.The reason they are here right now is so that we can stand up for ourselves for one in our lives RIGHT NOW!   if you do not know by now The next Dalai Lama has been kidnapped for the last 20 years.He is right here in Sonoma County.The Rohnert Park Police have him Bound with hand cuffs and “They Call Him Charlie” thats CHARLIE! they will change the name because they kidnapped him 20 years ago. SAVE GENDHUND!  I just saw him there at the CIA headquarters upstairs second floor.IF YOU DO NOT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS then you are a NAZI TOO.    There is no more urgent updates if you do not do this now.We have four days left to live before our sun and planet is the next BIG BANG.Remember I am the last Templar  and this is very real.Time Travelers move in mysterious ways.”

Whether Temple’s motivation for the confrontation with Liles involved any of his theories or his sense of impending doom are up to speculation. What remains is one man hanging on to life in the hospital, while Wade Temple has been charged with attempted murder. And if Liles succumbs to his injuries, the charge will increase to murder.

The Santa Rosa police continue to investigate the violent assault, and are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or have any additional information, to contact the department’s Violent Crimes Team at 707-543-3590.

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