Murder suspect may have killed three more women prior to his shooting death by police

Murder suspect may have killed three more women prior to his shooting death by police

SUNNYVALE – On Thursday, June 5, Sunnyvale police shot and killed 53-year-old Glen Griggs while he held a pellet rifle, having refused to drop the weapon. Officers were serving a warrant for his arrest for PC 187, murder, in the killing of Molly Franquemont. Evidence linking Griggs to Franquemont’s disappearance started with his repeated pattern of being present or associated with dead white females who had problems with alcohol. Franquemont was reported missing just a few months earlier prior to his fatal shooting.

According to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, when Griggs began to emerge from the back of the residence, officers observed him with a long gun in his hands. Griggs ignored their repeated demands to drop the weapon. Officers, out of fear for their safety, fired at Griggs who was injured by the gunfire. Officers and paramedics at the scene provided immediate medical attention to Griggs before he was transported to Valley Medical Center (VMC). Griggs subsequently succumbed to his injuries and died at VMC.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety and District Attorney’s Office is now releasing information regarding the death of three other women known to have been dating Griggs at the time of their deaths.

Kelley Daniel (Sunnyvale PD)

Kelley Daniel (Sunnyvale PD)

In 2003, Evalene Jordan, was found dead with alcohol in her system. However, it had appeared to authorities that she had died of natural causes.

In 2005, Beverly Donaldson was found dead of alcohol poisoning.

In 2006, Kelley Daniel was found dead near a garbage facility with a high level of alcohol in her system.

In a complaint filed against Griggs, the SVPD reported that he had told Officers that Franquemont had moved to Lawndale, in southern California, and that he did not believe she was missing. However, her family still waits for any news to the whereabouts of their daughter, sister and friend. Police are hoping that her body may still be found, despite the death of Griggs, who was the last known person to see Franquemont alive.

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