Auto burglary suspect gets 5 year sentence for credit card theft

Auto burglary suspect gets 5 year sentence for credit card theft

27-year-old John Thomas Conlon Jr. of San Jose pleaded no contest to charges under PC 459-460 auto burglary, and PC 530.5(a), unauthorized use of personal information, on Friday, November 21.

Conlon entered a business located at 240 N. Capital Ave, in San Jose. Using a stolen credit card, Conlon attempted to pay for items, and also tried to receive information regarding the person he had taken the credit card from during the time of purchase.

Conlon also faces additional charges for VC 10851, Auto theft, PC 25400 (A), carrying a concealed firearm, and possession of a controlled substance under H&S 11377(a), and PC 466 Possession of burglary tools.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to East San Jose to make a report on a prior auto burglary. The victim had parked her vehicle in the roadway near her home, but when she approached she noticed that her window was smashed and her purse stolen. Several bank credit cards and other cards had been stolen along with ten dollars but no other items were taken. But an empty cigarette pack was left in the front seat. Deputies dusted the cigarette pack for fingerprints and were able to retrieve two prints.

Then on July 27, purchases were made on her Capital One credit card at Starbucks located at McKee Road in San Jose. Then reports of charges began to ring up for $130.00 at Target, $97.44 at DD&S, with another $153.85 charged at Home Depot.

The total amount of charges rang up to over $530.00. With surveillance video and proof of the theft, Deputies were able to identify the suspect as John Conlon Jr.

During a traffic stop in Sunnyvale, Conlon was identified as a passenger in the car, and a Probable Cause Felony Affidavit was filed into the Wanted Persons System. Conlon was soon located at his home and arrested and booked into the Santa Clara County Main jail.

At his Nov 21 hearing, Conlon acknowledged his sentence of 5-years and 8-months to serve his time consecutively in prison for the auto burglary and credit card theft. He has already served eight months for the crime.

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