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Santa Clara

Car thief skips on bail

24-year-old Jorge Nogueda faces charges under PC 466 (a), misdemeanor possession of burglary tools, and VC 10851(a), felony car theft. A notice of bail forfeiture by the Seaview Insurance Company,

Alameda Santa Clara

Don’t forget your keys before you leave – Couple nabbed in car theft

A court hearing on Dec 23 at the Santa Clara Hall of Justice revealed just how easy it is for thieves to steal your car if you leave the keys

Santa Clara

Auto burglary suspect gets 5 year sentence for credit card theft

27-year-old John Thomas Conlon Jr. of San Jose pleaded no contest to charges under PC 459-460 auto burglary, and PC 530.5(a), unauthorized use of personal information, on Friday, November 21.

Santa Clara

Murder suspect to face auto theft charges

SAN JOSE – A 1995 Blue Honda Accord was stolen from a parking area in the neighborhood of Tallahassee and Amador Drives in East San Jose. 23-year-old Jorge Luis Ibarez, who

Santa Clara

RATTF comming to an area near you

Just how often does auto theft occur in the Bay Area, when teams such as RATTF are regularly paroling for stolen vehicles? You would think the number of cars stolen would