RATTF comming to an area near you

RATTF comming to an area near you

Just how often does auto theft occur in the Bay Area, when teams such as RATTF are regularly paroling for stolen vehicles? You would think the number of cars stolen would be limited. However, a thief may be striking in your area as you read this.

The San Jose Police Department reports that from January to June 2014 3,895 cars were stolen, but from January to June 2013 4,456 cars were stolen, a decrease of 12.6%. Still, that is an estimated 0.047% chance of probability that any given car will be stolen today.

On May 7 of 2014 an agent with RATTF, Regional Auto Theft Task Force driving in the area of Whirlow Place in San Jose spotted a 2000 white Civic that had been reported as stolen. 25-year-old Eduardo Saucedo of San Jose was pulled over, arrested and booked for PC 496(d)/666.5, buying or receiving a stolen vehicle with a prior conviction.  Saucedo had already been jailed for a previous auto theft, and It was determined through fingerprint analysis that he was the person responsible for the theft of the Civic.

According to the Auto Task Force agent, “I saw there were fresh fingerprints on the rearview mirror of the stolen vehicle”. The agent dusted for prints and was able to make an identification card of the prints for analysis. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office offers a latent print specialist that works directly with cases out of Santa Clara for cases under RATTF and other similar task force operations in the county.

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Using their print data base they were able to identify Saucedo and informed the agent on Aug 8 that Saucedo was the person responsible for the theft. A $25,000 bail warrant was filed for the arrest of Saucedo. It was found that he was also serving a current sentence for vehicle theft out of Santa Clara County at Elmwood in Milpitas. Since then, Saucedo pleaded no contest to the charges. According to the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office, Saucedo is expected to face a 3-month jail term for the theft. The next court date for sentencing and a scheduled release date will be held on Sept 22, 2014 in Dept 35 at 9:00 AM.

Another accused car thief, 42-year-old Michael Angel Bouldt, was arrested under PC 464(d)/666.5 and several other charges, ranging from felony drug possession and petty theft.

On August 22, Bouldt reportedly took a Honda Accord without the permission of the registered owner. San Jose Police Officers located the possible stolen vehicle near S. First Street and Virginia Ave. Another suspect, Miguel Moreno, was also seen next to the car trying to force down the passenger window. A witness in the area said he saw the suspect there, and that “He had asked him for a screw driver a few minutes earlier”. That is when he noticed that he was trying to force his way into the vehicle and called police. After running a report on the possible stolen vehicle, police attempted to stop the suspect who was seen leaving the area. A punch tool, suspected Heroin and keys were collected from the suspect. This is not the first time Bouldt has stolen a vehicle. Bouldt has already served a prison term for vehicle theft in Santa Clara County under Doc. CC762978. The next court date has been set for Sept 22, 2014 in Dept 35 at 9:00 AM.

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