Was Minister Trying to Commune With God?

Was Minister Trying to Commune With God?

HAWTHORNE, CA—If all things great and small are put here by God’s hand, then surely all things legal and otherwise were done so too, yes?

Armida Gabriella Garcia, 37, was arrested by Hawthorne Police Department (HPD) officers on Monday, June 2 at approximately 1:45 a.m. She was stopped along the 3200 block of Jack Northrop in Hawthorne. The Lawndale resident, who told police that she holds an accusation as a “minister,” was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance: 11377(A)HS, a felony, and 11364HS, a misdemeanor. The felony count brought a bail of $10,000 whereas the misdemeanor charge was only $250.

There was also a warrant issued by Torrance Police Department for driving with a suspended license, 14601(A)VC, which increased the bail amount by $26,000 for a total of $36,250.

It is unknown if Garcia made any quick prayers before, during and/or after his arrest or in her jail cell, let alone if it was answered.

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