A Long Pursuit in the Night – Via Land and Sky

A Long Pursuit in the Night – Via Land and Sky
Photo: shots from the chase

WEST COVINA – A recent wee-hours-of-the-morning hit from a @flocksafety License Plate Reader sent West Covina Police Department (WCPD) Officers on a vehicle pursuit. A stolen U-Haul truck was travelling in the area of Workman Ave. and Azusa Ave.

Once multiple attempts to stop the vehicle were met with a refusal to yield – officers initiated a pursuit. The failure-to-yield resulted in a follow by land and air – aptly named “Air24” – on a route that traversed throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Next, the vehicle continued westbound, leading law enforcement on a lengthy journey from above and below. The chase ended when the driver lost control of the moving-truck near Dodger’s Stadium.

The surrounded suspect barricaded himself inside of the truck, and showed no intention of complying with officers’ commands. As Air24 hovered above, they provided presence and lighting – and photos.

What was described as “a substantial amount of time” later, the WCPD Night Watch officers were able to bring the anonymous suspect into custody without incident.

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