L.A. Woman Gets Taste of Prop 47’s New Charges

L.A. Woman Gets Taste of Prop 47’s New Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—She had so many charges that it was no surprise that she even netted a brand new one.

Shamica Purry, 37, was arrested by Inglewood police on Saturday, November 8 at approximately 9 p.m. on the 3100 block of West Century Boulevard in Inglewood. The 5’2”, 135-lb. Los Angeles resident may be one of the first of those charged with a brand new crime: 459.5PC.

Proposition 47 was voted in during the November 4 general election. It introduced 11 new charge codes that demoted former felonies into misdemeanors. The newly minted charge, 459.5PC, is the misdemeanor crime of shoplifting whereby the value of the goods stolen is less than $950. It went into effect immediately on November 5.

Purry was charged with possession of a controlled substance (11377(A)HS), possession of drug paraphernalia (11364(A)HS), petty theft of personal property under $400 (484(A)PC), forgery (470(B)PC, possession of a blank check with the intent to commit forgery (475(B)PC), possession of a complete check with intent to defraud (475APC), forgery (470(A)PC), receiving known stolen goods (496(A)PC), bringing alcohol/drugs/etc. into prison (4573.5PC), possession of a complete check with intent to commit forgery (475(C)PC) and the new misdemeanor introduced by Prop 47: entering a commercial structure with the intent to steal property valued below $950 (459.5PC).



She also had four warrants. Three were from the LAPD for failure to appear with the written promise to do so (40508(A)VC) and one from Inglewood PD for possession of a forged driver’s license (470BPC).

Total bail was set at $186,807.

Purry was not available to answer if she had any plans to try and add the other 10 new charges when—or if—she is released.

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