L.A. DASH Driver Racks up Driving Violations

L.A. DASH Driver Racks up Driving Violations

HAWTHORNE, CA—The Downtown Area Short Hop (DASH) service is not just in downtown Los Angeles, and apparently the drivers are prone to collecting driving violations from a wide variety of Los Angeles County charter cities.

Geno Hall, 22, of West 49th Street in Los Angeles, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Sunday, March 16 at approximately 5 a.m. The public transit driver was  picked up near 120th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard for disorderly conduct and obstructing/resisting arrest.

According to Hawthorne PD records, Hall had seven warrants out for a number of driving violations: Driving without a license via the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), driving while license is suspended as well as driving without a license from L.A. Police Department (LAPD), no front or rear license plates (LAPD), driving without a license (LAPD), driving while license is suspended by Pasadena PD and a failure to appear from the Culver City PD.

Bail for all nine charges was set at $41,809.

The next time you jump on board an L.A. bus, pray you driver has a license.

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