Man Pays $61,000 for California Drivers License

Man Pays $61,000 for California Drivers License

INGLEWOOD, CA—How much did his car cost if he ended up paying $61,000 for a drivers license he didn’t even possess?

Arne Brian Cotton, 50, was stopped by Inglewood police (IPD) on Monday, February 2 around 8 p.m. along the 9300 block of Van Ness Boulevard. It was not stated if he was driving north or south on Van Ness. The south-bound lane is the Inglewood side of the boulevard and the north-bound side is under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles Police Department.

According to IPD records, the Los Angeles resident had two warrants with bail totaling $61,000 for a charge each of driving while his license was suspended. One warrant was by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) and the other was from Glendale PD.

Cotton, whose home address is said to be on the 8800 block of Haas Avenue in L.A., was not available to state whether his occupation in sales would help to alleviate the massive bail amounts.

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