At Least She Didn’t Steal the Baby too

At Least She Didn’t Steal the Baby too

HAWTHORNE, CA—For all we know she may have taken the kitchen sink, even if she left behind the baby that she might have thrown out with the water later that night right before she was caught.

Taliai Lebanon Fifita, 40, is a self-proclaimed babysitter picked up on Friday, February 7 at around 8 p.m. by Hawthorne police. The Lennox resident was picked up for a number of charges: taking vehicle without owning it, receiving known stolen property, grand theft auto and possession of items from a burglary.

Lennox is an incorporated area of Los Angeles County north of Hawthorne and southwest of Inglewood and situated close to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Despite no priors, the middle-aged woman was saddled with a cumulative bail of $70,500.

If the Octomom could hire Fifita, maybe she could make that bail in time for the Octo-mom to get out of debt herself. (The tabloid celebrity of eight children was charged with welfare tax fraud in January by the L.A. County District Attorney.)

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