Female Bike Thief Captured by Library Security

Female Bike Thief Captured by Library Security

SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY – 59-year-old Lynn Mary Tringali was arrested for petty theft by the San Jose State University Police under PC 666 (a), and for damages resulting in less than four-hundred dollars, under PC 459 (a)/(b)(2)(A) . Tringali was also charged with possession of burglary tools for using bolt cutters to cut a bicycle lock.

For many students attending the University, riding a bicycle to school is a pretty standard form of transportation. But the San Jose State University Transportation Solutions (TS), with the Associated Students, provides an “Eco Pass” sticker for all enrolled students affixed to the SJSU ID, which provides unlimited rides on all VTA buses and light rail lines. The program was originally started to help reduce traffic impacts by students driving to and from campus.

John Huang, a freshman attending SJSU said, “For me I wouldn’t think anything about it”. Huang said, “I drive to the light rail and then walk to campus”. Huang said, “For me the bike is too bulky.” “I would use a long board before I use a bike!” Huang said.

San Jose State University campus

San Jose State University campus

TS now operates six bike enclosures requiring a key to enter the area. However the enclosures only hold 417 bikes. To provide alternatives for the demand, the University has also placed bike racks throughout the campus near adjoining classrooms. Because of the number of homeless people using the Martin Luther King Jr. Library, without the proper locks, a bike thief could easily steal your bike.

Tringali’s next court appearance has been scheduled for Feb 7, 2014 at 1:40 PM in Dept. 34. Because this is not the first time Tringali has found herself in trouble with the law, it is expected that she may find herself doing some serious jail time for her actions. During her detainment by Library Security she gave officers a false name, a violation under PC 148.9 as she sought to hide her identity from officers because of her prior history with police. Tringali was also found with a crack pipe in her possession, which may give a clue to her strange behavior.

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