Weapons, Suspect Taken off the Street in Gang Bust in Fresno

FRESNO – Police seized nearly a dozen illegal guns and arrested a suspect in connection to some of those weapons over the last week.

The Fresno Police Department is still cracking down on gangs after gang members began threatening the lives of Fresno officers. Fortunately, the department was able to confiscate many illegal weapons that could have been used to back up those threats.

Police were able to seize assault rifles, shotguns and pistols, some with large magazines, out of the hands of gang members. The assault style weapons were able to hold more than the legal amount of bullets.

“We believe these firearms could have been used against our officers, and we also believe these firearms have been used in other shootings in Fresno and perhaps even a murder,” said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Dyer said that when you have firearms like the ones seized “in the hands of the wrong people, they can do a lot of damage in our community.”

Officers received tips about where suspects might be hiding weapons and they served several search warrants last week. In addition to taking the guns off the street, officers were also able to take an alleged gang member off the streets. They arrested 37-year-old Reef Goodwin on several counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and in possession of illegal high capacity magazines.

Police are currently looking for 42-year-old Kevin Maddox, an alleged gang member who will be facing similar charges. Dyer says both these men are believed to be among those who have made threats against Fresno officers.

“We will target those making the threats and we will target the leadership of those West Fresno gangs,” he said.

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