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Arrest Made in Hit and Run: Vehicle vs Pedestrian

Photo: Lucio Luna Just after 10:30PM on 06/28/2019, Santa Ana Police Department were called to the intersection of 1st and Townsend Street. A collision had occurred in which a black


Fugitive with 13 Outstanding Warrants Arrested on 26 Charges

Photo: Workman’s mask, gun and pipe SAN RAFAEL — A modern-day outlaw was apprehended last week. Not only was this fugitive wanted for 13 outstanding warrants, authorities also suspected he

Contra Costa

Couple Casing Cars in Shopping Center Parking Lot Gets Arrested

Photo: Crow Canyon Commons SAN RAMON — A couple from Oakland was hanging out in the parking lot at the Crow Canyon Commons Shopping Center before they were arrested. A

Santa Cruz

Driver in fatal hit and run arested within the hour

Photo: Alejandro Fernandez SANTA CRUZ – On Wednesday June 5th shortly after 7pm, 55-year-old Dianna Crotty was struck by someone driving their vehicle, and later died from her injuries. The

Los Angeles

Woman Charged in DUI Hit-and-Run Murder of Motor Scooter Driver

Photo: Martinez slams into Chay VAN NUYS – A 19-years-to-life state prison sentence awaits a woman who crashed into a motor scooter at high-speed, killing the driver who was stopped

Santa Clara

SJPD has arrested three juvenile hit-and-run suspects

SAN JOSE — The San Jose Police Department has made an arrest in connection to a hit-and-run that led to the death of a San Jose resident. “On Friday, April

San Bernardino

Hit-and-Run Driver Gets Surprise Visit from Police

Photo: Miguel Mendoza A reckless driver recently took the phrase “hit and run” quite literally after a broadside crash in Rancho Cucamonga. It was nearly 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday March


Driver with 2 Prior DUI Convictions Arrested for Fatal DUI Accident

Photo: Juan A. Martinez FREMONT — A driver with two prior DUI convictions was arrested again after an elderly woman was killed in a vehicle accident. The suspect was on


Parolee unsuccessfully attempts to flee in his vehicle

Photo: Andrew Salazar ROSEVILLE – A deputy recently spotted a vehicle being driven by a person who appeared to be intoxicated.  The officer then tried to stop the vehicle. However,

Santa Barbara

On Probation for DUI, Arrested for 2nd DUI

Photo: Joseph David Hernandez’ work Santa Barbara – As the midnight hour approached on Sunday, February 24th, a uniformed Santa Barbara Police Department patrol officer stepped outside of a downtown