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Probation Didn’t Stop Him, 8 Years in Prison Will

Photo: Paul Mark Freeman MODESTO – Because probation didn’t stop him, 42-year-old Paul Mark Freeman now faces prison instead. Back in 2012 Freeman started five years of probation after a

Santa Barbara

Fugitive Foiled by Facebook Postings

Julie Cromer SANTA BARBARA — A fugitive who fled from the justice being meted out by Santa Barbara Superior Court pursuant to an October 2015 conviction on charges of elder abuse has


Two Nabbed in Warrant Sweep

VENTURA COUNTY — Pity the fool who thinks that missing a court date in Ventura County is no big deal. According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Brad Clifton, “some

Los Angeles

A Winner at Collecting “Failures to Appear”?

INGLEWOOD —How many “failures to appear” can one collect, and will a career of collecting them count toward one’s retirement benefits? Eric Patrick Rhome, 62, was arrested by Inglewood police

Los Angeles

Two Men Arrested at Eucalyptus Park for Multiple Warrants

HAWTHORNE, CA—Where do you go when you can’t take the bus? Eugene William Marion and Deonta Julius Jackson were arrested simultaneously on Tuesday, February 10 at approximately 1:19 p.m. The

Los Angeles

Inglewood Burglar Bears Same Name as City’s Attorney

INGLEWOOD, CA—Irony comes in a seemingly endless array of instances, and the multiple arrests of a man whose name is the same as the attorney for the city in which

Los Angeles

“Ice Cream Man” Gets Charged for Tinted Windows, More

INGLEWOOD, CA—It’s election season in Inglewood, and it’s no surprise that an ice cream man has been charged for having tinted windows. Rey David Rendon, 41, was apparently stopped by

Los Angeles

Driver Gets Numerous Failure to Appear Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—After failing to appear for a number of charges, why not add drug, child and driving charges? Javier Eugenio Nurinda, 29, may know the answer to that seemingly odd

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Stylist Racks up Laundry List of Warrants

HAWTHORNE, CA—What style is there in collecting warrants across Southern California over who knows how many years? Meico Rochelle Chew, 41, was picked up by Hawthorne Police Department (HPD) on

Los Angeles

How Many Times Will Cashier Disappear?

HAWTHORNE, CA—She’s ringing up a laundry list of warrants, nearly all of which are for failure to appear for failing to appear after she initially failed to appear. Tanya A.