Woman Arrested For Dropping off Drugs at County Jail

Woman Arrested For Dropping off Drugs at County Jail
Photo: Ashley Farmer

A Clovis woman is behind bars for attempting to deliver drugs to her boyfriend, an inmate of Fresno County Jail.


cocaine packets

Ashely Farmer, 32, has already been in jail at least once this month on charges related to drugs. She was out on bail when she stopped by the jail on Wednesday to drop off a package for her boyfriend, 37-year-old Richard Langdon, who has been housed there since November for drug possession and identity theft.

All packages are searched for security purposes. While inspecting the package, correctional officers discovered 12 baggies of cocaine. The package was traced back to Farmer and a narcotics report was filed with a deputy.



Farmer, who lives on the 2400 block of Dennis Avenue in Clovis, is on probation. “This condition allowed officers to search the home and there they found a small amount of methamphetamine” (Fresno County Sheriff’s Office).

Farmer is once again in jail, this time charged with smuggling narcotics into jail, possession with intent to sale, and committing a crime while out on bail. Her bail is set at $116,000. Langdon, the intended recipient of the cocaine, has been charged with conspiracy.

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