Woman Threatened, Robbed at Salinas Shopping Mall

Woman Threatened, Robbed at Salinas Shopping Mall

SALINAS — Police are warning people not to engage with two men who appear to be attempting to sell a gold bar at the Northridge Mall in Salinas. The suspects are described as two Hispanic men who appear to be around 50 years old.

On Friday, just after 5 PM, a woman called the Salinas Police Department and said she’d just been robbed of her savings. Once on scene, she told police she was approached by one of the men while she was shopping and engaged him in conversation.

The two were then approached by the second man (who allegedly pretended not to know his accomplice) and another conversation began between the two. The second man claimed to be selling a gold bar to raise money for his wife, whom he claimed was in the hospital. The first man then offered $25,000 for the bar.

The woman then tried to distance herself from the two and be on her way, when one told her he had a gun and threatened her. They then escorted her to a bank kiosk at the mall where she withdrew her savings and handed it over. They then walked to the food court, where she was released and the two men fled.

A third suspect is also being sought, as the two men were seen getting into a black Volvo driven by a third man.

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