“He Saw Something, He Said Something”

“He Saw Something, He Said Something”
Photo: pics from the mail thieves

CARMEL VALLEY – “He saw something and he said something.” An alert and helpful citizen helped law enforcement nab some thieves.

Three of them, to be exact. The citizen saw them “breaking into mailboxes and stealing the mail inside.”

The citizen called the MCSO with a description of the car and the license plate number.

A deputy got the call and soon spotted the vehicle. The thieves stole the mail of 37 victims.

They then arrested Victoria Knowles (27), Russel Keene  (31) and Kevin Easter (23).

Their charges include stolen property, mail theft and drugs and weapons charges.

The “weapon” the trio carried was actually an imitation submarine gun. The tip of the gun was now black instead of orange, to match the rest of the gun.

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