Cell Phone In Movies Leads To Assault Charges

Cell Phone In Movies Leads To Assault Charges

Suspect will Serve 44 Days In Jail And Three Years Probation

MONTEREY—Monterey County District Attorney’s Office announced today that 61-year-old San Jose resident Danny Eugene Thacker was convicted of a misdemeanor battery, which occurred last year at the Century Cinemas at the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey.

The incident occurred on April 5, 2013 during a very heated verbal altercation between the victim and Mr. Thacker.  While in the movies, the victim had taken out his cell phone, that had been set to vibrate, three different times to check the screen.

“This constant distraction irritated Mr. Thacker who retaliated by kicking the back of the victim’s chair, twice.” Monterey County Deputy District Attorney Linda Sunde wrote in a press release. “This action was followed by an obscene comment towards the victim.”

A verbal altercation ensued, and Thacker, who was seated behind the victim, struck him in the face with a clenched fist.  The fight was witnessed by at least two other movie goers who were seated across the aisle.

One of those witnesses, who just happened to be an off-duty police officer with the Monterey Airport Police, rendered aid to the victim outside the theater.  The other witness stayed in the theatre to identify the perpetrator of the battery.

Century Theater in Monterey

Century Theater in Monterey

Officers with the Monterey Police Department arrested Thacker at the scene and booked him into the Monterey County Jail in Salinas on charges of misdemeanor battery. On March 5, 2014, Mr. Thacker was convicted on the charge of misdemeanor battery and Judge Sam Lavarato sentenced him to three years probation and 44 days in Jail.

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