Police Arrest Woman After High-Speed Chase ends at Jail Doorsteps

HANFORD – A woman wanted on a felony warrant led police on a one-hour chase that began in Reedley and ended on the front steps of the Kings County Jail in Hanford.

The woman, 22-year-old Graciela Guadalupe Ayala, was apparently going to turn herself in for the warrant out of Kings County, but decided she wanted to have one last beer before going to jail, according to authorities.

Ayala and an unnamed passenger stopped at a convenience store in Reedley sometime after 3 p.m. on Tuesday.  The passenger ran inside and grabbed a six-pack from the store without paying. A security guard attempted to chase the woman, but she and Ayala were able to get away in a pink 1994 Ford Crown Victoria.

It didn’t take long for Reedley police to spot the pink car and they began to pursue the two women as they fled the city and drove onto Highway 43. A Fresno County helicopter and the California Highway Patrol also joined in on the chase.

Ayala began speeding at 90 miles per hour and running through stop lights as she made her way past several cities before finally entering Hanford. Ayala continued to drive erratically through Hanford, while officers attempted to immobilize the pink car, authorities said.

The chase finally ended when Ayala turned the car into the Kings County Government Center parking lot and followed the road around to the Kings County Jail. At that point, Ayala stopped her car and turned herself in to police without further incident.

Ayala was taken into custody and handed over to Reedley police.

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