Man Arrested on Suspicion of DUI, Assault Following Chaotic Pursuit in Kings County

Man Arrested on Suspicion of DUI, Assault Following Chaotic Pursuit in Kings County
Above: Knife confiscated during arrest
Photos courtesy of KCSO
Originally published 9-1-23 via Facebook
by the Kings County Sheriff’s Office:

“On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at approximately 9:39 pm, a Deputy was patrolling the area of Grangeville Blvd and Highway 43. The Deputy spotted a Ford Expedition driven by Isac Palacios who was driving recklessly. The Deputy activated the lights and siren on the patrol car to make a traffic stop. Isac refused to pull over and a pursuit ensued.

As the pursuit began, Isac made a U-turn on Highway 43 which caused other drivers on the road to slow down to avoid colliding with the Expedition. Isac accelerated and blew through the red light at Highway 43 and Grangeville and headed west into the City of Hanford. Isac drove into the parking lot of the Shell gas station at 10th Avenue and Grangeville and drove circles around the gas pumps before driving back onto 10th Avenue. Isac turned west onto Grangeville and nearly struck a pedestrian who was crossing Grangeville.

Isac turned back into the complex, speeding through the Best Buy parking lot and back onto 10th Avenue. He then proceeded east on Grangeville continuing toward Highway 43. At this point, a K-9 unit with the Hanford Police Department assisted in the chase. Isac pulled into a residence in the 8000 block of Grangeville and drove to the east side of the property.

K-9 Officer Nico

Isac drove behind a shop and attempted to turn around but with the limited space he could not. Isac stopped the Expedition and got out. He began to aggressively advance toward the K-9 Officer and his partner Nico. Isac was ordered to stop, get on the ground, and place his hands behind his back. Isac refused and bladed his body into a fighting stance while cursing at authorities. Nico was deployed to apprehend Isac so he could be taken into custody. During the apprehension, Isac grabbed Nico by the collar and punched him in the head several times. Deputies and Officers rushed in to get Isac under control. Isac continued to resist arrest but was eventually placed into handcuffs. Isac remained uncooperative and refused to be seen by medical personal following the arrest.

A knife was located on the ground where the arrest took place. Isac later told the booking deputy he would have murdered law enforcement with the knife if he had a chance.

An evaluation was completed by an officer from the Hanford Police Department and Isac was determined to be driving under the influence (DUI).

Isac was booked into Kings County Jail on the charges of evading a peace officer, resisting an executive officer, harming a peace officer animal, DUI and hit and run. His bail is currently 90,000.

Isac had prior convictions for DUI, hit and run, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and probation violations.

Some health issues arose with K-9 Nico following this arrest and he is currently being evaluated at a local veterinarian’s office. We pray he has full recovery and KCSO is grateful for his assistance on this incident.”

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