Man Purposely Crashes Into Two Vehicles With Stolen Car

Man Purposely Crashes Into Two Vehicles With Stolen Car
Photo: Damian Alston

A man is being held on a 2 million dollar bond after he deliberately crashed into two vehicles causing major injuries to three people.

Lemoore police officers were dispatched to 775 North Lemoore Ave, the location of a Fastrip Gas Station, just after midnight on March 19. A man crashed into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle with her inside and left the scene. As police arrived they received a report of a collision less than a quarter mile away, on Follett and G Street.

One of the vehicles involved in the second crash had been driven by 26-year old Damian Alston, the man who purposely crashed into his ex-girlfriend’s car at the Fastrip just moments before.

In his inebriated state, Alston believed his ex-girlfriend was in the second vehicle and ran it off the road causing the driver to crash into a tree. He abandoned the stolen vehicle and fled on foot when he realized his intended victim was not in the car.

Police caught up to him and his attempts to resist arrest were in vain as he was eventually restrained and arrested. The woman whom he collided with at the Fastrip was physically unharmed, but the driver and passengers of the second vehicle, an adult woman and two young children, were taken to the hospital suffering from major injuries.

Alston faces serious charges including attempted murder, vehicle theft, criminal threats, DUI with injury, and resisting arrest. The South Carolina man awaits arraignment at the Kings County Jail in Hanford.

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