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Man with warrant caught at the casino

Photo: Jesse Cota Originally published as an Amador County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – Earlier this evening deputies were involved in a vehicle pursuit with Jesse Cota, who had a


Sacramento PD ups patrolling after recent uptick in shootings

Photo collage courtesy of Sacramento PD Originally published 10-14-20 via Facebook by the Sacramento Police Department: “In direct response to the recent shootings in our city, we have increased patrols.


Sacramento Police release statement on uptick in suspected gang-related shootings

Photos and Infographics: Sacramento Police Department Originally published 6-23-20 via Facebook by the Sacramento Police Department: “The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office (SSO) want our communities


Four Shootings, Five Arrests within Two Weeks in the City Of San Joaquin

Photo: one of the guns  The violence in San Joaquin continues. The first in the series of shootings occurred on May 26th. It resulted in the death of 19-year old

Napa San Francisco

Napa Detectives arrest man suspected in two separate shootings

ABOVE: Stock image (Source unknown) NAPA // A 33-year-old San Mateo County man has been arrested after the Napa Special Investigations Bureau recognized him as the primary suspect in two


Random Shootings Trending in Fresno and Madera County

Photo: Map showing where shootings occur (ABC30) Police believe at least six separate shootings reported since November 27, four in Fresno County and two in Madera County, could be connected.


Suspect Arrested Linked to Several Shootings in Berkeley

BERKELEY— Police finally arrested a suspect following the latest outburst of gunfire ricocheting through South Berkeley, a neighborhood plagued by a surge of shootings this year. Most of this gunfire

Santa Cruz

Watsonville Police Reach Out to Public in Shooting Investigation

WATSONVILLE — After months of investigation, police are now calling on the public for help in piecing together the chain of events from two different crime scenes on a Wednesday night

Los Angeles

Two Gang Members Caught After Six Incidents

From June 9th  to June 27th two gang member suspects were reported to have been in a series of six shootings in Echo Park. In the first five shootings, the


Salinas Experiences 12th and 13th Homicide in One Night

SALINAS — On Mother’s Day, the city of Salinas saw its 12th and 13th homicides of the year, respectively, within three hours of each other. The first was reported at approximately