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Man practically asks to get pulled over

LAKEPORT, LAKE COUNTY – When driving around with packaged methamphetamine in a car, a person might assume to follow a simple set of rules to avoid trouble. One, don’t drive a


Two Arrested in Bakersfield Drug Sting

BAKERSFIELD — Two men were arrested on Monday after selling illegal drugs to undercover police officers. Noel Hernandez, 22 and 26-year-old Daniel Placencia-Rodriguez, both of Salida, California, were booked into


Man found in drug den with pipe and blowtorch

LOWER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – Last Thursday afternoon narcotics detectives uncovered a home filled with a variety of drugs and paraphernalia, and arrested the man living there. He was found

Lake Yolo

Broken brake light breaks up the party

NICE, LAKE COUNTY – Three guys driving through town smoking marijuana were probably not aware that they had a broken tail light on their car, drawing unwanted attention. And sure


Sheriff’s detectives hit the motherlode of meth

MIDDLETOWN, LAKE COUNTY. Sheriff’s detectives recently discovered a car that had been extensively altered, apparently to facilitate the concealment and transportation of narcotics. A compartment had been created under the


Nervous woman proves to have a reason

Many people get nervous when they get pulled over by police, fumbling with their belongings while hoping they might escape a ticket, or perhaps even trying to hide something. A


Budding novelist arrested for warrant and meth

Perhaps picturing himself as a character in a novel he is writing, a Lower Lake man made all the right moves to attract attention to himself and get pursued and

Lake Napa Sonoma

Traffic stop leads to drugs, and more drugs

LOWER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A woman from Middletown was driving through Lower Lake last Thursday with a friend from Calistoga when she was pulled over by a Lake County

Lake Tehama

Spat over a phone results in arrest of a couple

Usually if a person is carrying illegal drugs, they do their best to keep it quiet, especially when the police are around, but it didn’t quite go that way for


It all started with siphoning some gas

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY – Police investigating reports of some gasoline stolen from several vehicles led to the arrest of a teenage man, his father and the woman who lived