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Meth addled couple arrested in traffic stop

LAKEPORT, LAKE COUNTY – Once again a traffic stop for defective equipment resulted in a couple arrested on drug charges, though it seems likely that just the act of driving


Meth user gets a bit greedy

CLEARLAKE – LAKE COUNTY – A Clearlake Oaks woman thought she could get away with a little check fraud at a Kelseyville bank, but she got way too ambitious to


Parents arrested for drugs, weapons

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY – A man and woman were arrested in their Lakeport home last Friday morning while their 3-year-old toddler looked on. A search warrant was served at


Meth dealer moves, but they catch up with him

LAKE COUNTY – The Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force had reason to suspect ex-convict Ralph Vincent Johns was back in business selling methamphetamine out of his home in Clearlake Park, and


Foot chase through backyards ends in arrest of wanted man

When the local law enforcement knows you by sight, it is probably best to stay out of their way, especially if you are carrying illegal drugs with you, are on

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Record breaking meth haul for Lake County Sheriffs

LAKE COUNTY – A traffic stop by a patrol deputy ended with the seizure or over two pounds of methamphetamine, with a value estimated to be $92,000, the most seen


Another traffic stop, another drug bust

LUCERNE – LAKE COUNTY – On Wednesday a Sheriff’s Deputy on patrol spotted a car heading west on Highway 20 through Lucerne. He pulled the car over on a vehicle


Driver toting meth gets in trouble

CLEARLAKE – LAKE COUNTY – You might think people driving around with illegal drugs in their car would make sure that cops would have no reason to pull them over,

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Is he Jim Rockford or Bo Duke?

UPPER LAKE – LAKE COUNTY – 33-year-old Jeremy Wayne Griffin may be too young to remember the iconic shows “The Rockford Files” and “The Dukes Of Hazzard”, but he tried