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Lakeport woman caught on warrant and drug charges

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY On Sunday morning at 11:35 a Lakeport police officer spotted a woman believed to be wanted on an outstanding warrant. With the assistance of sheriff’s deputies,

Lake Sacramento

Sacramento arborist arrested in Lake County drug incident

LOWER LAKE – LAKE COUNTY  A Sacramento man traveling through Lower Lake, a town at the south end of Clear Lake, was pulled over Saturday at 5 pm because his


Couple found with meth, gun and toddler

KELSEYVILLE – LAKE COUNTY – The Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force has interrupted yet another family business in the small town of Kelseyville. This morning at 7:20 am, James Russell Samson,


Sheriffs bust meth party in Upper Lake forest

UPPER LAKE – LAKE COUNTY – In the hills above White Rock Canyon the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant and arrested 3 people in their 50’s on


Oh man, I spilled my crystal meth!

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY – A traffic stop on a residential street just a few blocks from the shore of Clear Lake resulted in the arrest of a Lakeport man


Sometimes folks just seem to want to be arrested

UPPER LAKE – LAKE COUNTY If someone wanted to be arrested, they couldn’t do it much more easily than to pack their car full of marijuana, take off the back


Late night casino patron not ready for morning

Usually someone sitting on a curb outside a casino means they’ve had a particularly bad time at the tables but are not ready to go home and face the music.


Retirement for drug dealer not complete

KELSEYVILLE, LAKE COUNTY – Usually when people retire from a career, they keep a few things around from their old line of work – remembrances, awards, or the tools of


Suspicious man grabbed by detective

GLENHAVEN, LAKE COUNTY – Someone on Glenhaven drive noticed a man walking around who just didn’t look like he belonged. Glenhaven Drive is a small mostly dirt road that runs


Serious businessman doesn’t let kids get in the way…

CLEARLAKE OAKS- LAKE COUNTY – Robert Russell McDarment takes his home-based business seriously. Unfortunately for him, the Lake County Narcotics Task Force does as well. McDarment’s business is apparently selling