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Trio Charged with Insurance Fraud

Dr. Edward Albert Balbas CORONA — Dr. Edward Albert Balbas, M.D., Chiropractor Jon Brunelle, D.C., and Alejandro Brunelle were recently arrested for insurance fraud. The trio conspired to submit over

Contra Costa

Largest Fraud Case in Santa Clara County Settled

SAN JOSE – A popular spa provided free “mani-pedis” but then turned around and billed insurance companies thousands of dollars for chiropractic treatments. The Santa Clara District Attorney’s office conducted

Los Angeles

Former NFL Player ‘Tackled’ in Staged Collision Scheme

Jeffrey Leon Webb RIVERSIDE — In 3 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, 34-year-old Jeffrey Leon Webb caught one touchdown.  One wonders if he anticipated success after his

San Luis Obispo

Moriarty Brothers Busted for Insurance Fraud

Neal and Ross Moriarty SAN LUIS OBISPO — While off duty, 38-year-old Cal Fire Captain Neal Moriarty hit a deer while driving his vehicle on the 101 freeway. At this time


Unlicensed Agent On the Hook for $140,000 Fraud Scheme

GARDEN GROVE — 63-year-old Robert Meseer of Westminster has been arrested by CA Department of Insurance investigators on 32 felony counts of grand theft, insurance fraud, and forgery. Meseer is


Major Insurance Fraud Sweep Nets Numerous Suspects

Federal prosecutors have made another dent in statewide insurance fraud. The total number of cases? 13.  The total number of defendants? 22.  The total amount of fraudulent bills alleged? $161


Office Manager Arraigned for Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

SALINAS — The office manager of Pacific Pain Care Institute has been arraigned on 23 felony charges of insurance fraud. The DA’s Office announced that Maria “Aloha” Eclavea now faces

Santa Clara

Abrasive Dental Procedures Deemed Fraudulent

John Roger Lund SANTA CLARA COUNTY — According to the District Attorney’s Office, “One patient had 18 root canals within a period of five years. An average person usually has

Los Angeles

Former Claims Adjuster Sentenced for Embezzlement

LOS ANGELES — 48-year-old Elizabeth Louise Brown of Canyon County, a former claims adjuster, has pleaded guilty to two counts of insurance fraud with white collar crime enhancement for her


Fifteen Arrested in Insurance Fraud Scheme

Artur Ashotovich Grigoryan FRESNO – The ringleader and more than two dozen others suspected of being involved in a staged collision auto insurance fraud scheme have been arrested on multiple