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Los Angeles

A Recipe for The Wrong Love

HAWTHORNE, CA—Did he cook up the wrong recipe to get her to warm up to him again? Coty Tafoya, 24, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Thursday, January 23

Santa Barbara

Jilted College Boy Turns to Felony Assault

SANTA BARBARA – Finding out your ex-girlfriend has a new love in her life is never fun, but when you forget the adage that “there are more fish in the sea,”


Oildale Home Invasion Suspect Arrested

OILDALE ­— A home invasion suspect was arrested after breaking into a home in Oildale on Friday and assaulting a female homeowner. Marcus Gray, 21, was booked into the Kern


Robber Arrested After Returning To Crime Scene For Phone

Sacramento – An alleged thief who initially made a clean getaway was arrested by police Sunday after returning to the crime scene to look for his cell phone. Eloghosa Adolor,


Grillin’ And Chillin’ And Fightin’ In Downtown Dixon

DIXON— “Grillin’ and Chillin’” is a family-friendly chili/barbecue cookoff attracting thousands of visitors to the blocked-off streets of downtown Dixon every year. After this year’s event closed down around 10


Covelo Assault Suspect Surrenders to Police

COVELO — At around 2:30 AM on June 27th, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office deputies received word that a physical assault victim was en route from Covelo to Frank Howard Hospital

California Santa Clara

Kidnapping suspects face life in prison

MORGAN HILL  – 34-year-old Chanelle Marie Troedson , 37-year-old Jason Joseph De Jesus, Richard Rodriquez Jr, and Richard Raul Cortes are being charged with PC 242/243 (d), PC 245(a) (4)

Santa Clara

RCITI, Dissuasion of truth

San Jose residents 32-year-old Robert Lopez, 21-year-old Joseph Oberes, 34-year-old Jorge Nieto, 55-year-old Mansoor Sarki, 37-year-old Marco Vasquez, 18-year-old Vanessa Juarez, 47-year-old Daniel Ramirez, 27-year-old Raul Rodriguez, 46-year-old Brent Adler,

Contra Costa

Woman Uses Stun Gun To Subdue Man on BART

A man was arrested on a BART train Wednesday morning after a scuffle with a fellow passenger over a seat ended with another passenger zapping him with a stun gun, police said.


Violent boyfriend flips car in police chase

Vacaville – After a high speed car chase Friday morning, Derrick Laron Gi, a 45-year-old Sacramento resident, was arrested on several charges, including threat with intention to terrorize and vehicle