Simple Nuisance Call Becomes DUI Accident and Gas Leak

Simple Nuisance Call Becomes DUI Accident and Gas Leak
Photo: Samuel and Francisco Zendejas

HOLLISTER – It began as a simple nuisance call and ended with two arrests. On October 22 at 10:45 p.m. a HPD officer arrived at a residence at 361 Paul Drive.

Officers had come to the house several times during the week about restraining order violations. Francisco Zendejas, who has a long history of disturbing his neighbors, was ordered to remain 100 yards away from the neighbor’s house.

The terms of the order meant that Zendejas could not be at the Paul Drive house at all. Samuel Zendejas, Francisco’s father, told the officer that his son was not on site at that time but had been there earlier in the day.

Because of this, the officer attempted to issue the elder Zendejas a citation for violating the order. However, the father tried to run back inside, and also resisted the officer. The officer arrested Mr. Zendejas and took him to jail.

As officers processed Samuel Zendejas at the jail, the younger Zendejas showed up and began yelling at them. He then ran to his truck and sped off.

In his attempt to flee, the suspect hit a gas line, causing a dangerous leak. Then Francisco Zendejas “spat at and attempted to bite officers and paramedics.” Officers also arrested him.

As the excitement died down, authorities booked Samuel Zendejas for maintaining a public nuisance and obstruction. Francisco Zendejas’ charges are for battery, DUI, obstructing an officer and driving on a suspended license.

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