Homeless Man Roams Wealthy Town Between Arrests for 20 Years

Homeless Man Roams Wealthy Town Between Arrests for 20 Years
Photo: San Ramon Valley High School

DANVILLE — A local homeless man roams around town and keeps getting arrested and released from jail—for over 20 years. Police and many residents of this wealthy town are familiar with this poor transient.

He is clearly down on his luck in Danville, where the average income for residents is nearly $200,000, according to 2016 census data. This individual frequents the downtown area, banks along a stream bed and other places in town dressed in his shabby clothes.

He generally keeps to himself as he wanders. When he gets rowdy he goes to jail for a while. Mostly, his charge is public intoxication, on alcohol or drugs, and resisting a police officer. Though his history includes arrests for vandalism, making threats and assault too.

The man most recently got in trouble with the law on August 16. He caused a ruckus at 501 Danville Boulevard—the San Ramon Valley High School.

The Danville Police Department issued a news alert to residents shortly after 3 p.m. “We want to let you know about an incident that occurred this afternoon at San Ramon Valley High School.”

A man identified as Iver Hilde, a 49-year-old transient, was seen on the school campus. Confronted by a security guard at the school, he struck the guard and ran away, police said.

Consequently, officers arrested him in the school’s parking lot for trespassing, battery, and probation violation. After a trip to county jail, Hilde now is no longer in custody—and presumably back to his roaming routine in Danville.

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