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“I just stole this car and I’m on meth”

Photo: Salvador Chavez-Gonzalez As a woman waited in the drive-though of the Jack in the Box at 595 W. Olive, a man busted her passenger side window and jumped in.

San Bernardino

Pacific Electric Trail’s Attempted Sexual Assault Suspect Positively ID’d, Arrested

Photo: Alberto Suarez FONTANA – A long-time search for the September 16th suspect who attempted a sexual assault while on the Pacific Electric Trail ended at a Fontana elementary school


Man with Large Knife Runs Around, Tries to Stab People

Photo: Jonathon Rodriguez TRUCKEE – On August 17 a man with a large knife tried to stab various people at the Sierra Meadows apartments. The original report related that the


Suspect Cuffed After Injuring Cops

Photo: Eduardo Garcia Ventura County – The usual response of a citizen when confronted with multiple uniformed officers is compliance with their slightest suggestions, even the classic “put your hands


Man Attempts Two Assaults within Three Hours

Jonathan Nova PALM SPRINGS — On Friday just after noon, 911 calls came into the PSPD about an assault on a woman in the bathroom at Ruth Hardy Park. The


Redding Police: No Arrest for Self-Defense Shooter

REDDING — Just before 5 PM on February 19th, Redding Police officers arrived on the 3300 block of Woodburry Drive regarding 29-year-old Joshua Horak of Tacoma, Washington. Horak and his