Suspect Cuffed After Injuring Cops

Suspect Cuffed After Injuring Cops
Photo: Eduardo Garcia

Ventura County – The usual response of a citizen when confronted with multiple uniformed officers is compliance with their slightest suggestions, even the classic “put your hands up.”

Based upon the report of Eduardo Garcia’s arrest on November 28th detailed by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Mike Harris, Mr. Garcia isn’t the kind of guy with a habit of complying with orders from anyone. It was 8:00 p.m. in the evening when VCSD deputies responded to a Nyeland Acres area residence pursuant to reported “narcotic activity.”

Upon arrival at the home, deputies had the distinct pleasure of coming face-to-face with Garcia who was quickly determined to be “on parole for felony battery of a peace officer,” which undoubtedly increased the pulse rate of all on the scene. During their conversation with Garcia, he was noted to “be under the influence of a controlled substance” as evidenced by the fact that he was “acting paranoid.”

When deputies made a cautious attempt to “peacefully arrest” Garcia at the scene, he promptly resisted their peacefulness and summarily assaulted them with such vigor that he “forcefully removed a Taser from a deputy” and attempted to shoot the deputy with his own weapon, wildly missing his target and hitting “an uninvolved family member.”

The ensuing struggle involved “the help of other deputies” who ultimately subdued Garcia and trundled him off to Ventura County Jail a bit worse for the wear. His bail was set at $45,000 and he was booked on charges of resisting an executive officer by means of force, battery on a peace officer causing injury, taking a weapon from a peace officer, and attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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