Card Skimmers Caught in the Act

Card Skimmers Caught in the Act

Tigran Ghazaryan, Adis Poghosyan, and Adels Torosyan

VENTURA COUNTY — When the new owner of Camarillo’s Adolfo Gas Station bought the business, it was with some apparent prescience that the first investment he made was the purchase of what Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Senior Deputy Shawn Holzberger described as “a state of the art video surveillance system,” the value of which was clearly demonstrated just before midnight on August 10th.

It was while at a remote location that the gas station owner accessed a live video feed of his establishment which was closed at that late hour.

What he saw were “subjects tampering with the fuel pumps in an apparent effort to install illegal credit card skimmers. Thusly alerted, the gas station owner promptly dialed 911 Emergency Dispatch in Ventura and reported what he was witnessing on his video monitor.

With no small degree of pride, Hozberger reported to the media that VCSD deputies attached to the Camarillo Police Department rolled onto the crime scene “within approximately two minutes” and made contact with Glendale residents 36-year-old Adis Poghosyan, 36-year-old Tigran Ghazaryan, and 34-year-old Adels Torosyan.

Pursuant to detaining the three suspects, deputies quickly determined that the gas pumps had been tampered with and that the three men were in possession of “additional evidence linking them to the placement of credit card skimming devices.”

All three men were transported to Ventura County Jail, where they were booked on charges of identity theft, conspiracy, use of a scanning device to commit fraud, and dissuading a witness.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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