Wanted Man Runs from Cops, Loses Race

Wanted Man Runs from Cops, Loses Race

Ventura – It has often been implied here that it is the rare suspect indeed who has even the most remote chance of evading arrest by fleeing on foot from uniformed law enforcement personnel. Perhaps the plethora of evidence supporting what can reasonably be offered as a substantial verity simply goes unread by those who should, in fact, devote some time to researching the odds of outrunning cops before attempting to do so.

The case of Jacob Pulido, a 27-year-old from Ventura—of whom there is scant record of his threatening the recorded sprint times of Usain Bolt—is surely exemplary.

It was just after noon on January 7th when Ventura County Sheriff’s Department detectives attached to the Special Enforcement Team were going about their business investigating a completely unrelated case when Pulido—known to have a felony warrant following him around like so many storm clouds—was spotted blithely walking along a commercial area downtown street.

Detectives made their presence known to Pulido, but he was obviously not thrilled to see them as he immediately went into full-sprint, moving down the street faster than the detectives’ vehicle could navigate through traffic.

Undaunted, and clearly prepared for such challenges, the detectives alighted from their vehicle and took off in a hot foot pursuit. Seeing what must have appeared to him as a baton-passing relay team of physically fit cops moving up behind him, Pulido ducked into a residence without waiting for an invitation and promptly barricaded himself inside.

According to Ventura Police Department’s Watch Commander report to the media, “additional officers and resources arrived in the area to assist.” No doubt observing the odds against any possibility of escape, Pulido exited the house 90 minutes later and was taken into custody.

Pulido was arrested at the scene and transported to Ventura County Jail, where he was booked on his original felony warrant as well as on new charges of delaying and resisting officers.

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