K9 Finds Methamphetamine During Search

K9 Finds Methamphetamine During Search


Well it didn’t have cheese, and it wasn’t on a sesame seed bun, but K9 Ricky found almost 1/4 pound of methamphetamine during a search last night that again started with an alert neighbor noticing something just wasn’t right.

Just before midnight we received a call regarding a suspicious person in the 1400 block of Van Zee Dr. The caller advised that what appeared to be a tow truck arrived in the area and unloaded a motorcycle from the truck. The caller didn’t recognize the truck or the person who continued to stay in the area.

Officers arrived and made contact with the subject, 54 year old, San Bruno resident Mark Christopher Hegedus. The motorcycle turned out to be an unreported stolen motorcycle and the truck had a stolen license plate on it. Mr. Hegedus’ luck got even worse when K9 Ricky showed up and alerted on the truck. A subsequent search of the truck resulted in finding just under 4 oz. of methamphetamine, money, a scale and drug packaging.

Mr. Hegedus was arrested for possession of stolen property and being in possession of drugs with the intent to sell them.

Thank you to the community member who saw something and said something, we really appreciate it!! Sorry Ricky, not a real quarter pounder this time but definitely a great find that deserves a wholehearted THAT’S A GOOD BOY!!!!”

Originally Published By Woodland Police Department 
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