Animal Cruelty Arrest after Dog Bug-Bombed

Animal Cruelty Arrest after Dog Bug-Bombed
Photo: Image of suspect Richard Sexton  | Tehama County Sheriff’s Office

At approximately 6:30 AM on March 1st, Richard Sexton placed a 911 call reporting a purported home invasion at his residence in the Ponderosa Sky Ranch area.

Responding deputies arrived promptly and made contact with Mr. Sexton at the scene. They proceeded to conduct a safety sweep of the premises to ascertain the presence of any potential intruders. Upon entry into the residence, deputies experienced acute respiratory distress, which they attributed to the deployment of multiple “bug bomb” aerosol insecticide fumigators by Mr. Sexton within the confined space of the mobile home.

During their search, deputies heard sounds indicating a distressed dog within the trailer and made efforts to rescue the animal. However, the extensive fumigation prompted their withdrawal from the premises due to safety concerns.

Members of the CAL FIRE Tehama-Glenn Unit/Tehama County Fire Department, stationed at Paynes Creek, responded to the scene and utilized specialized breathing apparatus to rescue the dog, which exhibited severe respiratory distress as a result of the fumes.

Mr. Sexton acknowledged his use of methamphetamine and the deliberate activation of fumigators in the vicinity where the dog was present.

Subsequently, deputies transported the distressed dog to a local veterinary clinic for emergency treatment, with expectations of a full recovery. The dog was subsequently seized by authorities.

Mr. Sexton was taken into custody and faces charges related to animal cruelty. It was determined that the reported home invasion was unfounded, and deputies emerged unharmed from the incident.

Authorities are considering additional charges in light of the circumstances surrounding the event.

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